How to get a Job with a DWI Conviction

Getting a DWI is either a misdemeanor or felony offense

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. Finding a job may prove difficult if you are convicted with either type of DWI offense. Being able to secure employment is not impossible and the chances of finding a job increase if you follow these key pieces of advice.

Before beginning any job search, you should know your criminal record. Your local law enforcement agency is able to give you documentation of your criminal history. You should consult an attorney about expunging your record. Clearing your record allows you to deny having a DWI and makes gaining employment easier.

Try not to make the first fact you reveal about yourself be your criminal history. Legally, you do not have to mention your DWI misdemeanor unless you are asked. To increase the odds of being hired, try to speak with a hiring manager before submitting your application. This will give you an opportunity to have a conversation in which you can explain the circumstances of your conviction.

You should be prepared to defend yourself. Employers will inquire about your criminal history and you will have to explain it. Having your criminal record makes it possible for you to accurately account for any criminal activity and the form of retribution you underwent. You should also try to get references from reliable people. These people can be a member of your church, a teacher or past probation officer. You should also show evidence that attests to how you are turning your life around.

Having a DWI conviction does not brand you unemployable. If you follow the previously stated advice, you can increase your chances of getting a job.